X-Ray Services


Universal U-Arm Radiography System

Models: URX, URX+

Designed for space-saving, maximum flexibility and clinical productivity, the MiiRAD URX offers a full range radiography solution that combines modern technology with a wide range of possible applications. This compact, versatile system offers user-friendly operator controls, motorized movements and anti-collision for direct digital image acquisition and safe, easy positioning for patients.

The MiiRAD URX is a compact, innovative digital platform, that gives you advanced technology in an easy-to-use system. Its unique u-shaped arm is well suited for handling imaging studies that require a table, stretcher or wheel chair. Where space is at a premium this affordable digital imaging solution will not only fit your practice, center, or department, it will also fit your budget. Designed to handle high-volume imaging, the MiiRAD URX supports most general radiography applications, is easy to use, provides excellent image quality and post-processing tools to help make reliable diagnosis.

Efficiency and Performance

The MiiRAD URX is an affordable, compact digital imaging system that equips you with unique features that help maximize performance, enhance workflow productivity and provide image consistency.

Simple Structure

The compact design of the MiiRAD URX does not require ceiling supports or additional peripheral equipment. The system is floor-mounted with an optional wall support which makes the system quick and easy to install. This also helps reduce equipment and building expenditures normal associated with larger systems.


Once installed the system offers multiple, intuitive controls and common user interface for easy and rapid positioning execution.

Flat-Panel Detector

The MiiRAD URX is integrated with a 17 x 17 in flat panel detector that maximizes the anatomical image area, minimizes dose and delivers excellent image quality.