About Us

Rancho Open MRI is an operated facility offering Open MRI scans to residents of Inland Impire. A leader in patient-friendly care since our founding in 2017, Rancho MRI gives back to the community by maximizing positive patient outcomes with their high-quality scans.

At Rancho open MRI our attentive staff, radiologists and technicians are dedicated to providing personal care to our patients to feel like part of our family. We accept cash patients and personal injury. Our Radiologists are experts at reading MRI results and will work with your doctor to determine the results of your scan.

Our open MRI machine is open on all sides and most of a patient’s body will remain outside the scanner. Rancho Open MRI is prepared to accommodate any patient needs, from making larger patients comfortable to calming claustrophobia. Using high-power imaging, most MRI scans can be completed in under an hour. An Open MRI scan at Rancho open MRI is a stress-free experience.